Oscar & Ollie

Oscar & Ollie
14 March 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

I thought I would belatedly let you know how the two kittens (Oscar and Ollie) we adopted from you back in November are getting on.

We picked them up when they were just under 10 weeks old from Margaret in Bristol and it’s fair to say that it was very much love at first sight!

They were small and fluffy and had had a difficult start in life from a litter of 11. We kept their names as we thought they suited them down to the ground, Ollie with his sleek mischievous looks and Oscar with his film star beauty spot!

We took them home to Cirencester and started off by cordoning them off in the hall and lounge so they didn’t feel overwhelmed but they proved to be very good climbers even as wee kittens and had soon vaulted over the makeshift barriers into the kitchen and up the stairs so they quickly had the run of the house taking no time at all to make themselves at home. They’re now nearly 5 months old and thriving.

They have very different personalities and keep us very entertained with footballing skills and mad tree climbing antics. Oscar is placid and affectionate and spends a lot of time looking quizzically at life.

Ollie is clever and super fast. He can be a little fiend but just we’re starting to get annoyed having removed him from the curtains for the 5th time in an hour he turns on the charm and has us laughing by giving us nose kisses and purring like a tractor.

We live in the countryside and they have loads of space to explore and run with lots of trees to climb which they have been doing in the last month or so.

They seem to love life and be enthralled by everything and anything. They have particularly enjoyed the recent snow standing on their hind legs and catching snowflakes and burying themselves.

All in all they’re growing into handsome boys and are very much a part of our family. Before the boys arrived we had six months without a cat after our old boy Henry died at the grand age of 15.

The arrival of these two have brought us much needed joy.

Thank you for the opportunity to adopt our two little uns. We love them!

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