Daffy (was Bonnie)

Daffy (was Bonnie)
5 March 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just thought I would send you an update of a kitten I rehomed from you on the 18th Jan. She was called Bonnie when we collected her but my eldest daughter decided to call her Daffy.

She has settled in really well now after being a little bit poorly the first week with a bit of cat flu.

All cleared up now though and loves having run of the house. My 2 daughters adore her too and is quite happy with being picked up and cuddled by them both.

She loves nothing more then snuggling up in bed with me at night and can quite often be found right next to me when I wake up too. Thank you for giving me the chance to re-home her, she is one of the family already.

I have attached a few photos to show you how she is getting on. She loves being at the computer when anyone is sat near it and chases the curser over the screen!

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