Energetic Jet

Energetic Jet
19 January 2015 Aime Cox-Tennant

Jet has been a little gem in the two weeks we have had him.  He really is a lovely cat and it would be wonderful if more people would be prepared to take on a cat with FIV. Jet is a very friendly and playful little soul.  He gets on well with Mungo, our other FIV cat really well. Morning and evening there are 20 minute sessions of Thundering Herd of Elephants right through the house. It’s lovely to see them playing so well. There’s been a bit of play wrestling too, both cats are pretty well matched age and size wise, and both have a lot of energy.

Jet is very clean, and very easy to feed (clean bowl every time). He gets a little bit of Cat milk at night, which he loves.  The first day we allowed them to interact, within a few hours they were kipping on the same human bed (unmade) and within an hour of that they were sleeping only about a foot apart.  There’s been no hissing or hiding. Mungo is acting as guide to his new bro’, showing him the household ropes. It’s so interesting watching Jet observe and copy Mungo. They are such fascinating beasts. Jet loves a lap too, most nights we now have a cat each on our laps, instead of having to “share”. We are seeing more of Jet’s character emerge every day. Last night he pushed me out of the armchair, because it was bedtime and he a) wanted the chair and b) needed to remind me that his night time crunchers were due. It was all done gently, he’s the velvet assassin.

He’s had a few attempts at purring, he sort of starts with a very quiet vibration in his throat (barely audible) then it builds up then stops very quickly. I think he’s got a bit of confidence to build yet. I think it will be a while before he’s 100% relaxed with his food. It’s so sad when starvation whilst straying gives them this fear that they will get no more food. He can have all the time in the world to build his confidence up a bit more here.

We’re very happy to have Jet here living with us, he’s fitted in so well.  BWCR have done a wonderful job getting him back to health and the vets have done a grand job fixing up that awful collar injury. Would it be possible to let the lady who fed Jet for 18 months know about his new home and maybe forward her some pictures of him? If she doesn’t have email I can print some out and send them snail mail to you to send on (I’ll include postage to save your funds) I would love her to know that Jet is doing so well.

We’ll be taking Jet to our vets (Watkins and Tasker) in the next two or three weeks to get him vaccinated, we vaccinate Mungo with Fevaxyn Pentofel which is agitates the virus less than Pure Vax. Fevaxyn is hard to get hold of, so we have to organise that via the vet nurses and any vet who stocks it. I have sent off the microchip registration already.

Thank you so much for allowing us to have Jet, we adore him and look forward to many years with our little House Panther.

Kind regards.

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