Confidence Growing Beans (was Nina)

Confidence Growing Beans (was Nina)
3 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

We have had several updates already on the lovely Beans/Nina but it seems the perfect start to the New Year to feature her again. Nina was with us for almost a year – and we could never understand why. So if you’re thinking of adopting a rescue cat this year, why not consider one of our long-stayers? As you can see from Beans’ story, they have so much love to give to their new owners…

Beans is doing really well and I can’t believe we have had her since April! She is still bald on her tummy but it isn’t causing any problems so we are not worrying about it anymore.

She has definitely grown in confidence and, as one visitor to the house pointed out, ‘she has it made’ with us because we run about after her and everything revolves around Beans! We don’t mind though 🙂

She sleeps on the bed every night and acts as our alarm clock each morning. She wakes one of us up by tapping us on the face and, if that doesn’t work, she tries the other one of us. If all else fails, she gets under the duvet and climbs all over us!

She is a total lap cat and we never need to worry about where she is when we are home because, wherever we are, she will be, as she doesn’t like to be on her own. (It has definitely improved our work/life balance having Beans because we now come home earlier from work to see her!)

Her tummy is completely settled and we have been able to treat her every now and then to tuna and a tiny bit of ham and chicken, which she likes.

All in all, she is really well 🙂

Thank you for letting us have her.

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