Mylo & Kiya

Mylo & Kiya
28 June 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Thought we would tell you how they are doing :), Mylo was supposedly the alpha male, as you can see Kiya is taking full control and Mylo has been demoted to a pillow!

They have settled in so well and are slowly finding ways to get mummy and daddys attention whether that be climbing INTO the sofa or UP our curtains or DOWN the back of the TV!

They are now vaccinated and waiting to go outside when they are big enough, we would like to thank you all and Sheila for helping us find the perfect kittens for us and raising them into lovely pets. We never thought we would get exactly what we wanted!

Mylo is still a little scared of new people unless Mummy is there to protect him and Kiya is literally a princess in every way!

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