Vet’s favourite Betty

Vet’s favourite Betty
29 June 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Ever since we got Betty she has been ever so good and we can’t imagine life without her. Everyone who sees her says she is very pretty, even at the vets they are impressed by how pretty she is, and how well behaved!

As she is my first pet I always get nervous taking her to the vet, but I think I am more worried than she is as she always makes me proud – every time we have been she has been good as gold and not at all fussed by strange people/jabs/microchipping/medicine.

She also enjoys having her lovely fluffy hair brushed, and if you are gentle she will let you brush her tummy too. Since she realised she is now big enough to be able to jump into the bath, her new favourite toy is the plug on its chain, though she is very confused when the shower comes on!

She will try and play with absolutely anything and will always follow you around to see what you’re up to. Her favourite thing though is to curl up on your lap and have a snooze, especially if you tickle under her chin.

I sometimes imagine what would have happened to her if her pregnant mum hadn’t been found in time, and it makes me extra grateful that we could give her a good home.

Thanks to Bristol and Wales cat rescue for bringing Betty into our lives – I’m sure Betty is thankful too, though she may not know it!

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