Paddy (was Harry)

Paddy (was Harry)
3 July 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

It’s been 6 weeks since we brought Paddy (was Harry) home and thought you would like to hear how he is getting on. Once we got him home, it took about 6 hours before he decided to be brave and come out from behind a cabinet where he had decided to wedge himself.

Since then he hasn’t looked back and his personality has developed into a really loving, confident little man.

He is our shadow and will follow us into every room we go in to, and although he is not one for lots and lots of love and fuss, he always likes to be near us and likes to have a cuddle on an evening.

He still swipes and bites on occasions, but considering what he has been through this is nothing, it is just him reminding us he wants things on his terms, which he always gets as he is spoilt rotten!

We are so pleased he is part of our family, and we know he is too as he is so relaxed, settled and confident around us. We love him to bits. Thankyou for being so helpful in our search to adopt.

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