Loud Tomiko and Tiny Katsumi

Loud Tomiko and Tiny Katsumi
11 February 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just to give you an update on scabby leg and white tummy we adopted from you in January. They’re now called Tomiko and Katsumi and are doing really well. Having had all their jabs, been spayed and chipped, they’re now venturing out for the first time. Unfortunately they’re proving to be pretty good killing machines – Katsumi came back with a squirrel (???!!) the other day – it was bigger than her!

Tomiko is the friendlier and louder of the two and is besotted with ginger tom Shadrack, adopted from you in late 2011. He can get a bit grumpy with all the attention, but I think secretly he loves it. Katsumi is tiny, just like her mum, and is much more reserved than Tomiko but still a super little cat. Her infatuation is our dog, Nibbler – she is madly in love with him and sleeps with him and smooches him all the time.

They are also close to one another, and when not stalking prey or bothering Shads and Nibbler, are almost always together, sleeping or playing.

Thanks for all of my four cats – they’re fab and I wouldn’t be without them.

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