Confident-Growing Billie

Confident-Growing Billie
7 February 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just a quick note to update you on our Billie. After collecting this shy, nervous but sweet girl from Bristol on 27/12/11, we brought her over the bridge to start a new life in her new home in South Wales.

It has been a long journey, and despite spending the first 5 weeks pretty much hiding from us (although she would purr loudly from behind the sofa!), she is now a lot more confident, and will roam the house to see what the other 2 cats are doing, and apart from the odd little growl from Cookie, or Penny running away from her, all 3 seem to be coping really well with the changes.

She still keeps her distance, avoiding physical contact (we can only speculate how she must have been treated by people in her past), although she does often sleep on the end of the bed and keep us awake with that incredible purr.

This morning she also followed me to the food bowl to await her breakfast, and she will now happily eat when you are still in the same room (in fact, I’m sure she’s even smiling in the above picture!)

We see improvements almost every day now, and we are sure that she is now building trust with us, and she will come to us for cuddles when she decides the time is right. Until then, we continue to talk to her whenever she puts in an appearance – and sometimes she will even talk back!

We are so glad we could offer this initially shy and scared little girl a forever home; she has come such a long way already, and hopefully when the weather improves, she will be confident enough with us to be able to explore outside.

Will keep you up to date with progress over the coming months.

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