Handsome Boys Merlin, Morphy & Max (were Rico, Chico & Sammy)

Handsome Boys Merlin, Morphy & Max (were Rico, Chico & Sammy)
27 June 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

All is absolutely fine and dandy here at Moggy Mansion. All the boys are super, and latest intern Max is turning into a right character! He’s going to be a B I G cat (already bigger than Daffy!) and he’s a complete wuss! Loudest and most pathetic miaow of the four, biggest appetite and as me old mum would say, a complete “soppy date”. He’s found his favourite spaces, indoors and out, and although not as bold as the Ginger Boyz or as nosey as daffs, he’s getting well-known in the neighbourhood for being a “handsome boy”…not to mention a daft one (he plays with Merlin loads, but will quite as enthusiastically turn himself inside out and upside down on the staircase playing with his tail!!). All in all, I can honestly say a completely trouble-free integration into this madhouse.

The Ginger Boyz continue to twist every neighbour around their little fingers/paws!! It’s almost a weekly occurrence to catch up with our neighbours and to hear tales of Morphy plonking himself on a sofa or Merlin nosing around a bathroom – all uninvited of course!!!! However, Morphy is developing a strong independent streak and very definitely “does his own thing”. No hassle with the other boyz at all, but Merlin will insist on playing with and leaping around with all his brothers and step-brothers…Max joins in in his own dopey way, Daffy just swats him out of the way but Merlin and Morph have had a few set-to’s because Morphy just doesn’t want to know …it’s not malice on Merlin’s part, but Morphy is nothing like his more effervescent brother!

One interesting development is the sleeping arrangements…there are plenty of “beds” inside, plus the sofa (Paul & I sometimes have the temerity to want to sit down on it too!!)…but I was shocked a few weeks ago to stagger downstairs, not feeling too well, to find Daffy and Merlin bed-sharing – and looking quite contented and cosy too! Pictorial evidence is attached!

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