12 October 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

When Harry first arrived he spent the majority of his time under my bed and only came out at night, we were beginning to think he was a vampire.

If he was about he was fine with the 3 of us but if anyone strange came into the house he would run and hide, so I left him to his own devices and after a few days the balance between him hiding under the bed and joining us shifted and he is now making his presence known.

He adores my son Jack and much to my surprise spends most nights curled up on his bed which was an issue to start with as Jack isn’t used to sharing and I think Harry was hogging all his leg room however they seemed to have sorted themselves out now and most mornings they can be found having a conversation in his room.

As his previous owner was ill I assume he is used to a quieter environment and coming to my mad house has been a bit of a shock however he has managed to introduce himself to the family and has been a hit with all of them even those who claim not to like cats (like my mother in law) has taken a shine to him.

Pete spent Sunday fitting his new cat flap and after a lot of swearing and cursing succeeded so I’m looking forward for when Harry is able to use it.He also likes water and keeps jumping in the bath and sink after we’ve just used them, the other morning he followed Pete into the shower luckily he noticed him before turning the shower on.

He has already paid his first visit to the vet for his vaccination which he was not impressed with but thankfully soon forgave me. I would like to thank you for allowing Harry to adopt us, we are over the moon with our new edition.

His confidence is growing on a daily basis and his character is coming through more and more, rather than waiting for cuddles he now demands them as you can see from the photo attached I was trying to have a quiet five minutes with the paper – Harry had other ideas.

Thanks again. Trudy, Pete and Jack

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