Wonderful Gus & Indy (were Bertie & Belle)

Wonderful Gus & Indy (were Bertie & Belle)
3 October 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just thought we should update you on Bertie and Belle, now Gus and Indy. They are both doing well and have had all the jabs, operations etc. Bit of a shock at the vets to discover Belle was actually male(!!) and is now called Indy. No long lasting effects from being called a little girl.

They have both completed cat flap training with flying colours and are even starting to train a neighbour’s cat in how to operate the cat flap! Trees are great and Gus has decided that plant pots make a great substitute for the litter tray. They don’t do rain.

They get on well with Gizmo, our elderly cat, although they’re not too impressed with him eating their food – although they are happy to eat his! They’re starting to explore the neighbourhood but have yet to meet any neighbours or their dogs.

They’re a wonderful pair and a joy to watch playing in the garden. We’re so glad we adopted them.

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