Hide & Seek Loving Tilly (was Bindi)

Hide & Seek Loving Tilly (was Bindi)
2 October 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just wanted to let you know that Bindi (now renamed Matilda, Tilly for short) has settled in really well. After initially being very easily spooked (she discovered hiding places that I didn’t think it was physically possible for a cat to get into!), she has grown in confidence every day and snuggled up on my lap for two hours this morning!

Your match-making skills clearly work. Our other cat, 17 year old Portia, was feeling a little put-out to start with and there was a tiny bit of hissing, but they seemed to realise very quickly that neither posed a threat to each other and have now accepted each other very well. Portia owns the sofa, so Tilly has decided that her favourite spot is the window seat.

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