Cheeky Domino (was Pudding)

Cheeky Domino (was Pudding)
1 October 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Pure white Bob was adopted from us a year ago – and now has a playmate. Pudding spent time in two foster homes in Wales and one in Bristol – and left a trail of havoc wherever he went! However, because he was such a happy, purry, adorable boy, nobody cared! Good to see that he hasn’t changed in his new home!

One week after adoption…

Domino has settled in really well and is now showing us how cheeky and crafty he can be by becoming a great escapee. Not outdoors, just around the house!! He’s met our other felines and is desperate to play, almost too desperate! Ben is a very patient old man but tells Domino if he oversteps the mark. Surprisingly Bob is not amused at all at the moment so we’re taking it very slowly with that introduction. The lads love him to bits and our eldest spends lots of time with him!!

And another week on…

Domino is still having to learn some manners and Bob has finally realised that he doesn’t need to run away from Domino in a blind panic. He respects old man Ben and leaves him in peace, which means Bob has all his attention!! There’s still quite a lot of chasing from Domino but it’s now starting to turn into more of a play chase/catch game.

Cheeky Domino is getting into all sorts of mischief being cooped up indoors; the net curtains have come down a few times, desk and dressing table items are on the floor more often than not, and he thinks my long hair is a toy!
He’s so adorable though and we’re glad he’s now part of our family.

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