Boisterous Fitzgerald & Wodehouse (were Nigel & Norman)

Boisterous Fitzgerald & Wodehouse (were Nigel & Norman)
10 September 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Here are a few pictures of Fitzgerald and Wodehouse (previously Nigel and Norman) adopted from Tracy in Backwell at the end of August.

They are boisterous, affectionate, playful, loving kittens. They have wonderful temperaments, although could do with being a bit quieter at 4.30am! We’re hoping the arrival of the microchip cat flat will help with that.

The vet seems to think they probably have a bit of Norwegian Forest cat in them somewhere and they certainly seem to have some of the right characteristics, notably the longest, bushiest tails ever (generally held vertical or straight along their backs) and tufty paws – at least their fur is well suited to this kind of weather!

We love them dearly; thank you for letting us adopt them.

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