Happy Tail: Montgomery and Bentley

Happy Tail: Montgomery and Bentley
13 October 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

I thought I would just say a quick ‘hello’ and let you know how things are going with our boys. Montgomery and Bentley are wonderful – they are settling in well and are great characters.

They are gradually getting used to us and last night, for the first time, we had one each on our laps whilst watching TV!

They are so different. Bentley (the little fellow) is very speedy and playful – he is almost always on the go and fidgets a lot, in a rather disarming way – he was the first to purr and the first to approach us but Monty is catching up now.

Monty, on the other hand, is very laid back and chilled. He is such a gorgeous pudgy hunk and loves a cuddle when you make the first move – he lies on his back with his legs akimbo waiting to have a tummy rub.

He has an obsession with a teaser and growls every time he has it in his mouth. Last night we gave them each a catnip sock (fresh catmint inside a pair of socks ‘volunteered’ by Angela!) and they went doolally!

Bentley got drunk and couldn’t stand up and Monty tried to kill his. I took a short film of the action and it’s priceless! We went away at the weekend and employed a ‘babysitter’ – this worked well so we have decided that when we go away this is what will happen, rather than boarding them in a kennel.

So… all is well. Just though you’d like an update for your ‘happy endings’ – will send some photos if you like

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