Wiggles the Prawn Snatcher

Wiggles the Prawn Snatcher
31 August 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

We adopted ‘Wiggles’ from you in March and I just thought I’d give you a brief update on how he’s getting on.

He was a little shy to begin with but quickly adopted my partner and I. He is currently snuggled up on the sofa with us after having pinched a prawn from my stir-fry and is a very loving (and amusing) member of our family.

As I’m sure you remember he is blind in one eye so can’t go outside, however we have bought him a lead so he enjoys a wander round the garden when it is sunny.

We just wanted to thank you for your help with adopting him and to let you know that we couldn’t be happier with how well his personality has slotted into our household.

Again, many thanks!

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