Happy Tail: Paddy & Penny

Happy Tail: Paddy & Penny
18 August 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Both Paddy and Penny have settled in well. Penny took a few days before coming off the top of the kitchen cupboards but very quickly found a favourite spot.

Paddy seemed to settle in quicker but his personality changed and he became rather violent and started biting, then spraying in the garage.

The past week we have let them outside and he has turned a corner and has become the very affectionate cat we fell for in the first place. Penny is still very loving which we adore but she is still a little silly towards Paddy if he gets too close to her but she likes to sniff him, but he tolerates her.

Paddy has his favourite spot curling up on the sofa and Penny is either curled up on the cat stand or on our laps.

We’d both like to thank you all for your help and we are over the moon that we got both of them.

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