Beautiful Evie

Beautiful Evie
22 August 2015 Aime Cox-Tennant

Evie has settled in really well since we adopted her back in July. She used to love sleeping on the printer when she first moved in…cats will sleep anywhere! She now loves snuggling up on her cat bed or on the dining chair.

We love watching her having a fit with part of my slipper which fell off – a bunny rabbit’s tail…and one of her favourite toys at the moment is a simple bit of purple wool which she follows us around the house with. It’s the simplest things that please cats!

We love her to bits and wouldn’t have life any other way…even though she likes to wake us up on a weekend!

Thanks to Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for helping us to find the right cat to fit in with our lifestyle and thank you for making our house a home with beautiful Evie.

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