Happy Tail: Rolo

Happy Tail: Rolo
3 August 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

I was looking for a kitten as a present for my fiancé at Christmas, as she had always had a black male cat at home before living with me…

After speaking with very helpful staff from this home at a well known supermarket, while they were collecting money, I met “Rolo” who was described to me as a very loud vocal black kitten.

He was just what I was looking for, young, black and male, and I kept the whole thing a secret from my fiancé until Christmas Eve.

I must admit, I was not a great lover of cats myself, but he has grown on me….. Rolo now lives on a country estate in Gloucestershire, and is full of character.

He has made friends with my black lab dog and they run around playing together. Rolo still makes a lot of noise, and you always know where he is, as he always meows and his purr is so loud it’s not normal!

He has been outside, but on a lead for now to get him used to the area. He now loves his cuddles and purrs even louder when you make a fuss of him.

Rolo is still on the small side, but that’s how he will be, and he is now enjoying a life of love and affection in great surroundings, and he has decided that he is boss of whoever and whatever he meets.

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