Teddy, Tabby & Emily

Teddy, Tabby & Emily
7 June 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Well, time really has flown, it’s hard to believe that it’s been three months since we adopted those tiny bundles of fur!

The hissing continued for a few days, but as you can see from the attached pictures they are now the best of friends, and tend to do everything as a group.

Teddy is feeling slightly sorry for himself at the moment – he had “the snip” a week ago, but like a typical man is milking it for all it’s worth!

They have such different personalities – Emily is very independent and everything has to be on her terms (leather elbow length gloves needed for Frontline day!), Tabby is quite timid and takes her lead from the other two before deciding whether it’s safe (she’s definitely better off with other cats – if she was on her own I think she would be scared of her own shadow!), and Teddy is just the snuggliest cuddle monster ever (he even attempts to sit on my lap while I’m standing up – quite painful!).

We are so glad that we adopted them, there is nothing quite like three purring cats on your lap while you’re trying to watch telly!

Thanks for all your patience in the lead up to adoption day.

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