Marlon the Conker-er

Marlon the Conker-er
10 June 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

I just thought I’d drop you all a quick e-mail as I’ve now had little (???) Marlon for a whole year now. As you can see he’s settled in well and now rules the house! He loves showing off his fantastic feet and having his tummy rubbed.

He’s very chatty and at the moment is in seventh heaven as it’s the conker season, he keeps bringing them in from the garden and playing football with them until they go under the sofa then he runs off to get another one, my whole house is filled with conkers!

He’s off to see Isobel, his vet next week for his jabs, I haven’t told him yet!! He usually manages to sweet talk them out of lots of cat treats, so he doesn’t mind too much!

As you can see he’s grown lots and is just as adorable as ever, I’m so glad I was able to adopt him thanks so much

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