Cheeky Popeye & Shy Olive Rose (were Bodie & Rose)

Cheeky Popeye & Shy Olive Rose (were Bodie & Rose)
15 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Bodie (now called Popeye) is really cheeky and naughty, but we love him! He is fascinated by the Christmas tree and scales the curtains to try and get to the top when he thinks we’re not looking! He is also turning into a real cuddle monkey and sits on me when I’m reading.

Rose (now Olive Rose) is a bit more shy – she still doesn’t like cuddles but will tolerate a stroke if she wants a treat! She still follows me about the house to see what I’m up to – even in the shower! She’s got used to my husband now as well – if he talks to her in a silly cat voice, she meows back!

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