The Suave Fernando

The Suave Fernando
3 June 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how JJ (now renamed Fernando) is doing.

We adopted him in early August, aged 2 and with a tendency to swipe and very nervous around towels.

After one nervous day for both of us, Fernando hiding down the side of the bed and we checking on him every half hour, Fernando has settled in brilliantly and is a happy contented cat.

He is one of the most intelligent cats we have ever met. Desperate to be outside but forced to wait for his vaccination course to be completed, we would catch him playing with window latches and door handles – having watched the humans do something magic that opened them!

Now free to roam in the garden and neighbourhood he still likes to sit on the window sill, surveying his territory. He loves playing chase with ribbons and will attack newspaper entirely unprovoked.

All our magazines have toothmarks down the spine. He was a little heavy when we got him, as he’d spent all his time indoors and developed a bit of a comfort eating habit. But careful rations and the outdoor life are seeing the pounds drop and his coat is beautifully soft and shiny.

Despite being an independent outdoor cat he loves human company and will settle down in whatever room we are in. If you stay still for more than 5 minutes he’s up on your lap, shuffling up until his head is under your chin and purring away.

He has learnt to tell us that he has had enough, rather than just swiping, and can even stand the vacuum in the same room as him – well for a minute or two. Here he is, having a nap.

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