Chatter Box Daisy May

Chatter Box Daisy May
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just wanted to thank you all at Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue (especially Tracey!) for helping us to find our gorgeous puss Daisy May. Although we were looking for an older cat, Daisy rolled over as soon as we walked into the room she was in and we couldn’t really say no!

Daisy has been with us now for 7 weeks and we can’t imagine life without her. She is a real chatterbox and loves having her tummy tickled. She was quite shy when we first brought her home, so we put her in one room to start with – but she was up the chimney exploring and covered in soot within a couple of hours!!

Daisy is now all settled in, and is never far from us – she’s like a little shadow. She loves chasing anything with feathers attached (watch out birds) and will play for hours (if we can keep up!). She will sleep anywhere – funniest choice so far is on top of our TV box.

When we adopted Daisy, she had been over grooming and had a couple of patches of thinner fur, but we’re pleased that these are growing back now and are hardly noticeable.

We’re so happy she chose us; thank you again for letting us adopt her.

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