Hyper Nutmeg & Wise Ginger (were Tiger-Lilly & Tilly-Tiger)

Hyper Nutmeg & Wise Ginger (were Tiger-Lilly & Tilly-Tiger)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Nutmeg and Ginger are both doing really well; they are fit, healthy and affectionate kittens who everyone seems to love.

Their personalities continue to develop, with Nutmeg (the smaller of the two) remaining the more hyperactive of the pair, whilst Ginger has adopted the ‘older and wiser’ sister approach and seems to take everything in her stride.

They also both seem to have become more affectionate since being spayed; Ginger seems a tad more ‘immature’, i.e. rolling around on her back for tickles when you approach her, something she never used to do. It’s no bad thing!

As the weather has improved, they love nothing more now than coming and going during the day, exploring the garden inch by inch, before settling down on our laps in the evening.

They are the perfect addition to our new house and are completely at home now.

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