Gentle Willow (was Hannah)

Gentle Willow (was Hannah)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

I was told recently that cats are more attached to the area in which they live than their owners, but this is not my experience.

I’ve always found that my cats are reluctant to allow me far out of their sight, before they come looking for me, and Willow is no different to her predecessors. Maybe this has something to do with my being able to spend more time with her than someone who works full time.

Willow now comes into the garden with me. To start with she was quite timid, but she gains confidence day by day.

She is easily spooked by loud noises that are new to her, also by people she has not seen before, but once she has satisfied herself that they haven’t come to take her away, she is quite happy!

Willow is currently relaxing on my desk in front of my computer screen, purring quietly She is also a very gentle cat – no bites, no scratches, just the odd head butt now and again!

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