Affectionate Hector & Inquisitive Sirius

Affectionate Hector & Inquisitive Sirius
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Here are some pictures of the whirling dervishes!

Well they arrived with a bang and have taken over!! What a pair – they are real characters. They had settled in within 2 days.

They have a session of rough and tumble at 4am which consists of racing around chasing each other, attacking anything that gets in their way!! Then they settle down and sleep curled up together.

Hector is the shy one but affectionate; he likes lots of cuddles. Sirius is the inquisitive one and enjoys nothing more than to push his head into shoes and remove the sole liner!!

When it’s quiet you can end up with one on your lap and one on your shoulder. They are lovely boys and are now the babies of all the family.

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