Chatty Katie

Chatty Katie
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

A year has now passed since Katie (and Jasmine) came into my life and I thought I’d give you an update.

Katie continues to be the loveliest, cuddliest, most affectionate and character-full cat you could ever wish for. Sadly we lost Jasmine to cancer earlier this year, which was very distressing and very hard for Katie who had spent her whole life with Jasmine up to that point.

We’ve both now settled into a new routine, which involves Katie claiming my lap for even more cuddles than before. She really is a delight and I do sometimes wonder if she’s a dog in a cat’s body as she follows me everywhere and we even go out for little walks together in the neighbourhood as she’s a bit nervy of all the hidden dangers out of doors.

This has opened up all sorts of conversations for me with people I’ve never spoken to before who think it’s amazing, as she trots off before me, making sure that I’m following her, and when she’s had enough she heads back for home and waits for me to catch up.

Katie is a very chatty little cat and welcomes me home with the most amazing range of sweet little chirps and trills and general chatter. Katie’s very sociable and always comes to greet my visitors, usually sprawling out on the rug so that she can be admired by all.

Sweet though she is, she is also very protective of our territory and a misguided attempt by me to introduce a new feline companion for her went disastrously wrong as she was very, very horrible to the new arrival who had to go back to her foster mother.

Katie really does demonstrate the advantages of adopting an older cat (she’s nine now). She’s very well behaved, never scratches the furniture, never hunts, doesn’t want to go out much and is happiest when she has a warm lap to sit on or a comfortable bed to lie on (or in!).

Thank you very much for letting me have Katie – I really can’t imagine life without her now.

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