Kind Monty & Maisie

Kind Monty & Maisie
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

First we got Monty in July 2010 from Eileen in South Wales. He had turned up as a kitten at someone’s back door meowing constantly until they let him in and an owner could not be traced. My husband collected him from Eileen’s and I first met him at home in the kitchen.

I was conscious not to go wading in to cuddle him so just sat back and waited for him to come to me. He came straight over and walked up my lap and nudged my face making friends instantly. He was clearly so loving and for the first few days we all had sore faces from so much nudging!! He settled in immediately and we were all very happy.

In December 2010 we made the decision to get another cat to keep Monty company and found a little sick cat called Maisie Mouse at Tracey’s. Tracey found her as a very young kitten in a box with her brothers.

Maisie developed cat flu at a very early age and so by the time we first met her in early January 2011 she was about 3 months old and had major respiratory problems. We fell in love with her straight away and took her home to meet Monty.

Maisie was on antibiotics constantly. We were at the vets every two weeks and tried different kinds of medication for her breathing, blocked nose, temperatures and coughs. Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue paid for her treatment and we cannot thank them enough for this.

The vet told us that Maisie had more notes than animals they had had on their books for years! Over 11 months the medication was pretty much constant. We tried to push it a bit so as to let her immune system try to fight it but we always had to get more medication once she got worse.

Finally in November 2011 Maisie suddenly stopped needing any medication at all. We pushed it as we had before but this time she was ok and we have not been back to the vet since the end of November last year! Maisie still has a bit of trouble breathing but she is happy and otherwise perfectly normal.

It took a while for the pair to get on so Maisie lived upstairs for a while and Monty downstairs. Our cats started to get on after we had Maisie for a short while and gradually we could leave them to mix. They now get on like a house on fire.

They play and chase about the house and garden. They are mostly to be found curled in up funny positions or sat on window sills. Monty likes to find obscure hiding places around the house or nudge up against us constantly for a tickle and Maisie likes to cuddle up as close as possible to me and my husband – if she can get on our heads she will!!!

They are the kindest, most loving cats we could wish for and although they have brought us a few unwelcome treats we could not be happier.

We cannot thank Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue enough for helping us find two amazing cats. Thank you so much!!!

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