Shy Ellie

Shy Ellie
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

A quick update on how Ellie is getting on, and also a tale of encouragement for anyone who’s thinking of adopting a shy and nervous cat!

We were the third people to visit Ellie and she hadn’t been taken home before due to being very shy and nervous around strangers, and running away from everyone who visited her.

Sure enough, she was very unsettled by the move and somehow managed to find the best hiding place in our house (behind our built-in kitchen cupboards and completely inaccessible!) where she stayed put for 2 days solid.

We did wonder if we’d ever get to see more of her than her two green eyes, but she must have just been sussing us out as on the third night we were woken by her calling us downstairs to make friends, and she’s been the loveliest companion ever since!

She’s never far from us, follows us around the house and absolutely adores cuddles and strokes – we can hardly believe she’s the same shy, scared little creature that first came to us.

She’s absolutely the perfect cat for us and we’re so glad we took a chance on her, in spite of her nervousness.

Thank you Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue.

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