Nosey Smudge

Nosey Smudge
26 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

I adopted Smudge after falling totally for her. I admit, because of the huge operation she had had, I was expecting a lot of problems. However within two days she was using the litter trays pretty much every time. I think in the 3 weeks since she joined my troupe, she’s had less than ten accidents.

She settled in very quickly; it was like she felt that she had come home. She loves playing with ping pong balls and hiding in a canvas shopping bag. She is a typical tortie in that she loves being high up, so sitting up on the doors is perfect for her.

She also likes being a nosey neighbour, sitting up in the window. She loves sleeping with me at night and, although we are still working on her relationship with my other two, we have made a lot of progress since day one.

Thank you for everything you do and for letting me have Smudge. She is very much loved and she has brought something special into my home.

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