Purrdy (Silver)

Purrdy (Silver)
14 July 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just thought I would update you on Purrdy (Silver).I’m hoping to attach a couple of pictures for you to put on the web site. He is now well settled in, he had problems with his teeth but since he had two out and the rest scaled he is going from strength to strength.

He lost a little weight but has put it back on and is still a hefty cat – the vet says it’s all muscle not fat and, despite being told several times a day that he is hungry, that is how it is going to stay!!

He does not meow but opens his mouth & then a couple of seconds later a tiny ‘ow’ comes out. He is VERY insistent when he wants his head stroked and when I settle down in bed I have to have a hand out of the covers so that he can PUSH his head into it and have it stroked before settling down to snore!!.

Still not too happy about having his front paws touched but he has stopped trying to bite and will now just bat my hand away before jumping off my lap only to return a couple of minutes later as if nothing had happened.

As you will see there is not much room for me on the sofa once he has settled down. And not forgetting our lovely old blind boy Reuben – his time with us was short but he won’t be forgotten.

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