Lily & Leo

Lily & Leo
1 July 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Hi, thought I would drop you a quick line about the cats we adopted from you last year, they were called Banjo and Bliss but we renamed them Lily and Leo.

I have attached a recent pic of them cuddling up. Leo is a total numpty who is rubbish at hunting and instead brings tons of pond weed into the house and leaves it on the living room floor or in his food tray, he’s more than a bit mad but very cuddly.

Lily is the one who wears the pants and is getting really fat, she must be getting food somewhere else and is built like a tank, we are considering putting her on a diet.

She licks everyone and rubs herself along any surface, a very tactile cat. She is good at hunting which made for a sad spring for chicks. Again, shes cuddly but hates being picked up.

They are very happy and very loved

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