Independent Emily

Independent Emily
4 February 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Yes our Emily is lovely bless her. She isn’t a scaredy cat now! She is an independent cat and doesn’t seem to need people much, but we let her do as she pleases.

She is happy and settled now. She isn’t a lap cat but does enjoy being stroked. She is out and about a lot (I think this is from her farm background).

When she is in she is usually in our spare bedroom on a wicker chair and doesn’t socialise in the lounge with us much! In the summer she did like to hang out in the conservatory with us though, as it was all warm.

We got a kitten not long after getting Emily and introduced them slowly. The kitten is called Twinkle and when she was little she hung around with Emily and learnt things off her and Emily was quite willing.

They are similar and look a little like mother and daughter. Now they don’t do so much together but they don’t fight either. Twinkle is always playing and they chase each other around but I think she wears Emily out!

Emily is still a playful thing though in private and enjoys playing with toys, usually when we are downstairs we can hear her charging around upstairs!

She has put on quite a bit of weight, I think she has another secret house she visits when she goes out, as we don’t over feed her. We enclose some photos of her when we first got her, and now and with Twinkle.

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