Delightful Lucille (was Misty)

Delightful Lucille (was Misty)
2 August 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Thought you might like to hear how our new kitten Lucille is doing…

As I write, she is asleep on my lap, having had a hard morning chasing shadows and pulling decorations off the Christmas tree. She has been vaccinated and has doubled in size – probably all that turkey!

Lucille is doing very well with our other animals: the dogs are friendly (unless she lies in their bed) and the retarded Persian is positively delighted to have a playmate. Lucille is a delightful little cat who is very affectionate and increasingly trusting. All in all, a big success!

And a month on…

Latest update is that Lucille and our 5-year-old collie Tia have fallen in love! They go everywhere together – truly a very happy ending! Lucille also gets on well with our other dog, Echo, and has made cleaning out the eyes of our elderly Persian cat her personal job. She’s friendly and loving to everyone and completely relaxed.

Keep up the good work – we are so grateful that you let us adopt her!

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