Woody & Tressie

Woody & Tressie
5 September 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Here are some latest pics of Woody and Tressie. Woody is on top and Tressie is at the bottom. Then the one at the window is the laid back Woody.

Tressie has turned into a funny little cat. And, smart as heck. One day, Wayne accidentally shut Woody in our bedroom. Tressie came marching into the room, straight up to Wayne, and was giving a few very demanding meows.

I knew something was up so I asked him what he just did. He said … oh, I probably accidentally locked Woody in our bedroom.

Well, that is what it was! After letting Woody out, Tressie was a happy little girl again. Both cats follow me around like my shadows.

They both love being cuddled with and know how to fetch items for us and bring them back to us. They really are wonderful!

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