Mischevious Hector

Mischevious Hector
29 September 2014 Aime Cox-Tennant

We have had Hector (foster name Archie) with us for five weeks now. We are besotted with him and love having him around.

From the first day that Mike dropped him off at our flat he has gone from spending the whole afternoon hiding under a bed, to quickly gaining confidence, to becoming quite naughty at times.

When we’re out in the day he likes to mess up the newly made bed and get under the covers.¬†Considering he was a stray he is very affectionate and cannot seem to get enough attention.

We are so pleased we made the decision to adopt a rescue cat and give a good home to an FIV positive cat who was in need. We found Mike and The Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue to be nothing but helpful throughout the process which could not have been easier.

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