Teddy & Sian

Teddy & Sian
18 February 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

We wanted to let you know how Teddy and Sian are getting on. They have really settled in and both make full use of the garden. Sian loves to just sit in the garden and has a favourite bush which she finds incredibly interesting – not sure why. She still purrs like a little engine and is so soft and sweet.

She plays quite a lot with Teddy and enjoys sleeping on the window sill where she can keep an eye on the birds in the garden. Teddy is much more adventurous and goes next door to see his friend Milly every evening (our neighbour’s Burmese cat).

We were a bit worried that this cross eyed little character might not be able to find his way home, but by the sounds of things, he is top cat round here. He’s very talkative– has lots different miaows and we often have a running commentary from him. We feel so lucky having both of them – they are such lovely soft cats and give us lots of lovely cuddles and laughs.

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