Dreamy Merlin & Morphy (were Rico & Chico)

Dreamy Merlin & Morphy (were Rico & Chico)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Merlin & Morphy have made themselves COMPLETELY at home here (and several neighbouring houses too!!).

After some initial hissyfits and paw swatting, all 3 of the interns now happily tolerate each other – Daffy isn’t too keen on all the high-octane high jinks, but as long as he gets his spot on the sofa and they don’t pinch his food, he’s quite cool about the new domestic arrangements (I actually suspect that he wants to join in the play but he’s just not too sure yet!!).

The boys are an absolute dream – no bites or scratches, no “accidents”, they only scratch using their scratching posts, they’ll eat whatever they are given (no food prima donnas here!), they’ve discovered the joys of the great outdoors (vaccinations now done – and already stars at the vets!!) and come back whenever called and have immediately cottoned on to the two cat “kennels” in the garden and how to use the cat flaps!!

I must get up now and stretch my legs as Merlin has taken a particular shine to my lap and is a permanent blood-circulation-stopping fixture whenever he spots me sat at the computer!!!

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