Clown Merlin & Independent Morphy (were Rico & Chico)

Clown Merlin & Independent Morphy (were Rico & Chico)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Long time no e-mail, so I thought as I am, for once, a gentleman of leisure with a week of rest days in possibly the best week of the summer, I’d send a few pics to show just what a couple of s t r e s s e d out pussycats we took off your hands!!! (NOT!).

Morphy (with the ‘tache) is a very quiet and independent fellow, but loving and gentle…until he catches a mouse or bird (both the boys have proven that they are dab hands at hunting!!) when he turns into a ferocious growling little lion!!! And then five minutes later he ambles back indoors and heads straight for his basket and yet another snooze!

Merlin is an utter clown! He has turned into THE most loving and attention-craving mog with a loud (and frequent) miaow! He loves his food (and Morphy’s…and Daffy’s…) and is now discovering that laps are great as bases to do some more fastidious grooming and washing!!

Both boys have become instant neighbourhood stars and all our neighbours have discovered somewhat unwanted feline intruders in their living rooms/kitchens/sheds at one stage or another!!

They also have no qualms about sitting on any and every car bonnet (the boys, not the neighbours)…and with some of the atrocious cool weather during the spring, I can’t say I blame them!

Daffy has been very good with both boys, although he is more tolerant of Morphy because he’s quieter and less of a whirling dervish than Merlin – although they will all sit close to each other, even if they don’t all cuddle up. (Daffy will, however, remind Merlin that he is the new boy with a hefty swipe of the paw whenever Merlin steps over the mark …… like when he pinches Daffy’s food!)

All in all, the boys have been an absolute dream and it’s hard to imagine that only six months ago they were only pics on your website to us.

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