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    Sweetie by name, Sweetie by nature 💜
     This little love bug is ready to be spoiled. So far she has spent her life as a stray and raised 2 litters of kittens expertly, but it’s now time for her to rest and enjoy life with some human servants!
    Sweetie loves cuddles, often demanding them with a raspy meow, she even wants a stroke before you feed her despite loving her food too! She is silky smooth and will settle on your lap or politely next to you. She comes to greet everyone at the door, welcoming you home with head bumps and chirrups.
    She's not much more than a baby herself - 18 months maximum and she loves to play and finally get to be a kitten herself! She'd love a garden away from busy roads, would be fine with older children, appears to tolerate other cats but definitely doesn’t like dogs and will hide away even from a bark outside.
    Soon to be spayed etc, she'll be ready to go in about 3 weeks.
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    Indoor home needed for sweet, blind Melci 💜
    This lovely little lady has come from Romania, hopping on the transport with our dog crate kitties, in search of a better life. She just loves a fuss and will take all the head rubs, chin scratches and back strokes she can get - your arm will ache long before she gives up!
    She's around 9 yrs old and the cause of her blindness isn't known but she finds her way around just fine and uses her litter tray perfectly. The other moggies having zoomies around her does make her jump so she would much prefer to be the only pet.
    She's been used to one room so doesn't need a huge space now, just lots of attention!
    She does have noisy breathing at times but after extensive tests - blood tests, X rays, bronchial lavage - we don't have a definitive diagnosis, though the vets are leaning towards asthma. It doesn't bother her at all and BWCR would fund any treatment at Fernlea vets if that ever became necessary.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Izzy

    6 year old Izzy is a wonderful, golden-hearted (and golden-haired) girl who just wants as much love and attention as she can possibly get. She is constantly purring, and follows you around miaowing for more which she will demand with some firm head bumps and rubbing her head in your hands. She loves to sit on your lap or chest with big purrs of appreciation whilst rubbing her cheeks on you and claiming you as her own!
    Izzy is very friendly with visitors and extremely curious but she is scared of loud noises and was bullied by her brother in her previous home so would be best suited to a house with no young children and as an only pet (so she can have all of the attention).
    Izzy has always been an indoor puss and suffered with stress cystitis due to children, her brother and even other cats in the garden but since she's been in foster and away from any triggers she's been absolutely fine and in seventh heaven :)
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Lightning and Skitts

    Lightning and Skitts are a little discombobulated right now. Their owner, since they were kittens, sadly died and they were home alone for a while until a relative contacted us 💜
    "These are a bonded pair of gentle older cats looking for a new start since their owner died following a long illness and they were her only companions. They're not used to children or other pets.
    Lightning, 12 years, and his girlfriend Skitts, 14 yrs, are looking for a quiet life with someone who can give them lots of attention as they love a cuddle and a fuss.
    They would like a safe garden to potter in - having only been used to living in a quiet cul de sac they're not used to traffic."
    This lovely pair have had the all clear from the vet and are neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Smokey

    Our little stray puss, found by a kind elderly couple, has never been claimed so she's now looking for a new home 💜
    Smokey was very scared when she first came in to foster, but over time, she has become so much braver. She now loves being around people and will happily come and say hello to my friends :)
    She's a sweet little girl who is very affectionate and loves a cuddle (but does not like to be picked up). She'll happily curl up on your lap and loves to be stroked. She is very happy to play with her cat toys and especially likes chasing the feather on a string
    She is very patient and will quietly sit and wait for me, in the mornings, to wake up for her breakfast.
    Smokey would like a garden away from busy roads, without other pets. We don't know what she'd be like with children but she may prefer the quiet life.
    Guestimated at 8 yrs, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Andy and Saint

    Saint (tortie and white) and Andy, aptly named by the vet as they were caught on an industrial site on St Andrews Road. They were older kittens when they were caught and took a while to trust us. They are now both very affectionate, with Saint being the bravest and coming for cuddles first. We're not sure Andy will ever be a lapcat but he likes to sit next to you and enjoys lots of attention!
    They are gentle cats that like the company of other cats, they love to play together and will spend as much time as you can spare chasing a feather on a stick.
    They need to stay together as this lovely brother and sister are really bonded, they have been in foster most of their lives so will have no road sense and need a garden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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