Polite Tom & Flighty Jerry (were Ozzie & Sooty)

Polite Tom & Flighty Jerry (were Ozzie & Sooty)
5 July 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Tom is a joy, despite his rather nervous nature. He enjoys spending his mornings outdoors in four or five large gardens off our private lane. He comes in when called, is happy to have a curfew at about seven at the moment and wakes me at eight in the morning very gently. His night times are spent on the floor near my bed or just outside the doorway. The same for my afternoon naps which he always comes home for. Tom is very affectionate with me and two close friends but otherwise he is polite to strangers but not demonstrative.

Jerry is quite the opposite. ‘Flighty’ comes to mind, affectionate to anyone who will give him attention and wilful when it comes to house rules. He is a lot of fun but at the time and place of his choosing. He tends to ambush Tom for some pretty rough mock battles once a day or so, and Tom currently has a slightly nipped ear. Jerry also has decided that the top of the stairs is the place to sleep at night, just in case he misses something, I suppose. Jerry and I have had rows over the fact that he spends the larger part of the day on one or other of my double beds and then wants to go outside at eight or so in the evening. He also has a passion for the front of the house where he’s not allowed!

Thank you for my two lovely boys. They have made my home complete again.

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