Shoulder Riding Totoro & Attention Loving Elsa

Shoulder Riding Totoro & Attention Loving Elsa
21 September 2015 Aime Cox-Tennant

Sweetie and Shelley are now named Totoro and Elsa. They have settled in really well to our little family and have plenty of entertainment with 3 children to play with.

They spend a lot of time playing with each other, racing and chasing up the stairs, fighting in the bath and chasing our toes under the bed covers. They are also particularly fascinated by the guinea pigs!

They are both very loving; Totoro likes to travel round the house on our shoulders and Elsa likes to sleep on my bed purring loudly and demanding strokes at unsociable hours! We do wonder how we ever managed without them.

Oh and they are actually both girls it turns out!

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