Princess Tiger & Bruiser Buster (were Georgia & Gerald)

Princess Tiger & Bruiser Buster (were Georgia & Gerald)
8 July 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Georgia has been renamed Tiger as she is the little princess in our house and commands lots of love – but only when it suits her!

Gerald, now renamed Buster, is a proper little bruiser! He’s a typical boy who has made himself very much at home and craves attention from anyone, the minute they stand still for a split second!

Both kitties seem to love our laptops and very often make themselves at home on the nice warm keyboards. Not so good for my productivity at work but that was the main reason we decided to adopt the kittens so we had some nice distractions away from work.

The kittens have made our family and our home complete and we can’t bear to be away from them. We have therefore resorted to video calling each other when one of us is away from home so the other one can see the kitties!

Thank you for our little treasures; we hope all of the other ones brought to you are as lucky!

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