Vocal Leeloo (was Chicky)

Vocal Leeloo (was Chicky)
12 July 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

I thought it was about time that I send in an update on how Leeloo is doing.

It took three days before Leeloo came out from under our bed. I was delivering her food and water to the landing to tempt her out for a few minutes at a time. I even sat downstairs with the TV on and lights off to coax her downstairs. After a few weeks she is definitely not a shy girl!

Having not made a noise when we first met her, Leeloo has made it clear that she is a very vocal cat, demanding attention at all hours of the day and night, much to the annoyance of my husband on Sunday mornings.

We did have one moment of panic when she decided to eat the leaves of some lilies, unbeknown to me that lilies are toxic to cats, so I rushed her to the vets for an overnight stay. Fortunately Leeloo had no side effects and was back at home the next day. She has fitted into our family in such a short time that I felt lost without her.

Thank you so much for taking care of Leeloo until she joined our home. I hope all the other cats/kittens that you help find their forever homes.

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