Happy Tail: Fluffypuss (Fluffy, Fluff?)

Happy Tail: Fluffypuss (Fluffy, Fluff?)
24 June 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Hi, a lot has happened including a slight change in name! Now I am referred to just as “Fluffy”, some times “Fluff” and once whilst being particularly naughty something else beginning with F!

My coat has changed colour, I’ve lost all the big matted clumps, the grey hairs and the brown bits all around my collar.

I’ve got lots of new toys, a basket – although I tend to sleep more or less where I want – I’ve discovered that laps are very warm and comfortable.

I received my very own cat flap, it’s see through, so I can sit in the kitchen and look out of it for hours without getting too cold or wet. My garden is great I have found loads of interesting things to keep me occupied.

Although I find my fur tends picks up lots of seeds and debris from the fir trees – which are great fun to climb, so I have had to learn how to groom properly. The vet’s not too bad and now I’m a digital cat – although I didn’t get any fish with that chip!

Now I have a young brother, I believe he’s from Burma, which is even further than Wales!

Anyway we play together all the time and I am teaching him the tricks he needs to know….now how do I order us loads of fish with this big “net” thing!!

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