Marmaduke (was Hugo)

Marmaduke (was Hugo)
22 June 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

My new name is Marmaduke, I didn’t like Hugo it just didn’t suit me. I am doing really well in my new home and settling in just dandy.

I’ve met all the family but I still find Jasmine the big soppy labrador a little too big at the moment, she’s a giant! And she’s really weird she eats broccoli and carrots and picks pears off the tree in the garden….!

Mummy says I’m quite a little character as I am partial to a few laps of tea! Mummy can’t believe it and said I should be human really. I love to choose where I’m going to sleep at night, Jake’s bed is rather comfortable and Ollie’s is rather bouncy like a cloud, but the best bed is mummy and daddy’s.

I creep under the duvet and stay really still and when I think daddy is asleep I nip his toes, I think my teeth are a little sharp and daddy removes me from the bed and puts me down on the floor. I must learn when bedtime is…….

I love to sit in the bay window and watch those two nutty dogs run round the garden they are just so cool – Max likes to see how bushy my tail gets when we bump into each other, luckily the house is big so I can escape when I feel they are too much for me.

Mummy says I’m the cutest and most loveable kitten she has ever met and she loves me to bits – I can’t say I blame her I am just the most handsome thing in the world don’t you think.

I’m meeting nanna and great grandma this weekend and mummy says I must watch grandma as she loves cats and she might put me in her handbag and take me to her house.

I don’t think I would like that cos I’m doing just fine here….

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