Harry, Horatio & Dexter

Harry, Horatio & Dexter
19 June 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

The 3 little ones were fine from the word go being put together; Harry was so concerned at hissing at me that he ignored his 2 new companions and then curled up to sleep with them, and they have been great together since.

They are all out of the cage now in the spare room playing and chasing. Horatio and Dexter have been very interested in them.

Dexter being Dexter went up and sniffed each one in turn and then popped his paw out to show them who is boss. Horatio just loves them and plays footsie under the door when they are in their room and plays with them when he goes in there.

Harry has completely stopped the hissing which is a good thing and i can sit on the floor and they come up to me and sniff around and climb on me, so we are making progress.

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