Eccentric Oggy (was Ziggy)

Eccentric Oggy (was Ziggy)
3 March 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Ziggy – or Oggy as he is now known (or Oggy-Moggy to give him his full double-barrelled title!) is a little gem and has settled in very nicely already. He is quite a little character – eccentric even!

He knows no fear whatsoever and isn’t fazed at all by all his new “mates”. He’s been exploring absolutely EVERYTHING in the house and already getting up to mischief (he’s got a thing about taking any old rubbish – literally – out of wastepaper baskets and chewing it!), and he also likes chewing my work bag strap – no, I have no idea why either!!

He’s a dream with his litter tray, uses the scratching post and is a very friendly boy indeed (not a lap cat, but loves company), and already anxious to get outside and have a nose around the garden!

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